MIGUN Thermal Massage



As part of our forward thinking and integrative approach to wellness, NW Yoga & Wellness offers MIGUN Thermal Therapy Beds.  Approved as a US FDA 510K Class II Medical Device, the MIGUN Thermal Massage Bed is a mechanized therapeutic massage table that adjusts to follow the natural curvature of your spine as infrared-heated jade balls run the length of your body, pressing, stretching and massaging you from head to toe.  It combines the benefits of acupressure, acupuncture, heat therapy, chiropractic techniques and massage. It also has an external 15-way jade massage probe that can be used to stimulate the surface of the abdomen and pelvis, resulting in increased blood flow. The lymphatic massage stimulates proper functioning, improving T lymphocyte cells, leading to improved immune function. The rollers which emit infrared heat press acupressure points on the head, neck, shoulders, back and legs, releasing tension and helping alleviate pain. 



Acupressure, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, and far infrared therapy are all rolled into one to provide you with a deep, warm, relaxing massage, giving your spine a soothing stretch and stimulating the key acupuncture points, blood vessels, and muscles to accelerate and improve blood circulation. The MIGUN Thermal Massage Bed uses jade massage heads to conduct infrared heat and create therapeutic pressure from the head to toe and provide a deep tissue massage. 



Far Infrared Heat penetrates more deeply and effectively than conventional methods to improve circulation and relax tension in muscles and joints providing a deep tissue massage. The bed’s rollers are made of jade because it is the most effective natural conductor of infrared heat. The jade heads massage muscles and tendons around the spine, relieving tension, relaxing hardened nerve roots, and improving circulation and flexibility. 


We offer 24/7 online appointment scheduling for your convenience. Plan ahead your perfect wellness day – or book up to two hours before your service.





People generally seek a healing massage to relieve stiffness, tension, and pain. FIR decreases stiffness and swelling in joints and connective tissue and has been shown to reduce pain by direct action on both free nerve endings and peripheral nerves. In addition, FIR heat may actually produce endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. Strained muscles block the proper intake of oxygen and nutrients, which leads to inflammation from toxic build-up in the muscle tissue. Deep tissue massage helps break up and eliminate scar tissue and releases chronic patterns of physical tension. As toxins release, blood and oxygen circulate more fully throughout the body, helping soothe pain from conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. A Thermal Massage also calms the central nervous system and brings the brain into an Alpha state to reduce mental stress and improve memory function. 





When the tissues of the human body are heated, lengthened through the application of acupressure massage, and held in a certain position for at least 10 seconds repeatedly, the tissues learn to stabilize in the lengthened position. If you repeat the application for at least 20 sessions, the new lengthening can “set.” Studies show that those suffering from back injuries, lower back pain, and spinal nerve impingement can benefit from the combination of Far Infrared Heat (FIR), massage and acupressure to the back that the MIGUN Massage Beds provides.





The MIGUN Massage Beds use Traditional Chinese Medicine’s understanding of the bio-electric pathways in the body, called meridians to provide you with the benefits of acupressure at the body’s various energy points. The action of the jade massage heads’ thermal pressure on acupressure points relieves the buildup of tension and energy that can adversely affect the functioning of organ systems like the heart, lungs, and gallbladder. You also receive the added bonus of negative (feel good) ions that are emitted when jade is heated. Combining jade and far infrared heat with massage and acupressure can reduce pain and stiffness, increase circulation and ease of movement, and boost your energy and sense of well-being! 

Service Pricing

*All memberships have a 3 month minimum commitment, are set up on auto-pay and are non-transferable. Cancellation must be given within 30 days of auto pay date. migun thermal massage Port Townsend

Before Appointment

•Appointments are booked on the hour, in one-hour time slots. This allow for you to change clothes before and after session, as well prepping the space for the next client.

• Migun sessions runs 30 minutes. 

• If this is your first appointment with NW Yoga & Wellness please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment time to complete an intake form and get instructions. 

• Migun Thermal Massage are in private spa room but are not soundproof. Please no cell phone use and when listen to music use headphones please. 

• What to expect; during your Thermal Massgae session.  You will be alone, remaining fully clothed: simply remove your shoes and belt. You will lie on your back releasing your body weight onto the table. You will feel warm far infrared heated jade stone heads move gently along your spine from the top of your head to the tip of your tailbone. You will also feel another set of stones move up and down your legs for a full body therapy treatment.

• No body oil or lotions of any kind on the massage bed.

• Do not eat 2 hours before wellness services

• Drink at least 8oz of water before wellness services thermal massage Port Townsend